A digital realm where accessibility, diversity and pleasant user experience traverses and forms a fully inclusive digital world; a digital world for all.

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How may I help YOU?

Accessibility and Usability Testing and Remediation

Helping build and design websites and mobile application by providing insights and recommendations in accordance with WCAG 2.0 and 2.1. I also do thorough website and mobile testing to ensure that designed applications are usable and accessible to totally blind screen reader users.

Content Writing

As writing is my first love, I have tangled this passion into my profession in the field of Information and Communications Technology. I specialize in providing content related to inclusion, diversity, and an accessible user experience.

Public Speaking

Another way of sharing my craft is through giving talks, lectures, workshops in events and seminars. My expertise are topics related to Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design.

I worked and is still working as an independent contractor in different accessibility consultancy firms abroad. Locally, I have been involved in projects and initiatives related to accessibility and inclusion.

Companies i am "Working" with

an ebook library system that makes reading easier

 helping large companies and government agencies meet their accessibility goals for over a decade

supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 1,100 organizations, from Fortune 500 enterprises, to public sector and government agencies

a nonprofit organization dedicated to accessibility, education, and advocacy

Who am i?

Over 9 years of experience in the field of Digital Accessibility and User Experience, 4 years working professionally, I have gained valuable experiences which enables me to provide services that would not only add value to technology, but to increase productivity through providing an inclusive and accessible user experience for all.

Being totally blind is not a downside, but rather an advantage, for it is through the absence of my sight where I learned to be inclusive and empathize.

How to Reach me?

Drop a private message in any of my social media accounts or shoot me an email. Check out my contact details.

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