Thanks Giving

And because it’s the season of thanksgiving…I want to say thank you today and always for… Ultimately, because I am alive. That in spite of all the health battles, the number of times that I contested against death, I’m still here, strong, breathing, alive and kicking. That I have a consultancy job, that not only feeds me and sustains my needs, but gives me joy and fulfillment. A job that I control my time and not the other way around. A job where I’m blessed with the luxury of working whenever and wherever I want to. For being healthy in the middle of a pandemic, and that I am still able to enjoy life’s simple blessings. That I have a loving family. That I’m blind, but I have the best pair of eyes that one can ever ask for. And that my heart is at peace and joyful despite the odds. Thank you, I’m alive. Contentedly Living a perfectly imperfect life.
Thanks Giving
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Hello Everyone
finally! done with my book. will be released next month
Watch out for my new BOOK Release
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Thank you